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 Latex Balloon Biodegradability Testing 26/11/2017 Observations

Many people have expressed interest in conducting testing on the biodegradability of latex balloons. Whether you are a member of PEBA (Pro Environment Balloon Alliance), or not, it would be fantastic to have you involved. I have tried to set the test up using correct “Scientific Method”.  Who’s in?

The test consists of:

1 x Standard White  Further oxidation and deterioration.

1 x Fashion Black  Some oxidation and fading

1 x Standard Yellow Severe  Fading / Oxidation.

1 x Jewel / Crystal Ruby Red Severe fading / Holes in the balloon.

1 x Diamond Clear Severe oxidation and breakdown of the balloon. Balloon has collapsed into itself.

1 x Jewel / Crystal Emerald Green Substantial Oxidation and deterioration.

1 x Pearl / Metallic Pink  Severe Fading / Oxidation and a hole in the side of the balloon.

1 x Pearl / Metallic Sapphire Blue Severe Fading / Oxidation.

1 x Pearl / Metallic Lime Green  Severe Fading / Oxidation / some deterioration.