EBPC statement on Balloon Releases

‘The EBPC does not support balloon releases’

Balloons are a unique much loved product and are considered irreplaceable in what they offer. Over the last few years the industry has seen changes in consumer viewpoints and perceptions related to such products. Although these changes and increased participation have surfaced in the last few years, these may have always been the case as the rise of social media platforms and technology has enabled better reporting of such viewpoints and perceptions.

To comply with the EBPC mission statement “To educate and promote the fun use of balloons and party products safely, ethically and in respect of the environment”, and as a responsible organisation shaping our industry – we recognise the impact of our products within its marketplace. This monitoring along with our corporate social responsibility has led the council to pioneer new thinking within our industry on how balloons should be handled in respect of the environment, which has led to an agreement that ‘The EBPC does not support balloon releases’ as we wish to protect the environment from unnecessary litter. While latex balloons are biodegradable and the moment of release is visually appealing, the resulting deflated or partially inflated balloons that return to the ground is visually offensive to many, and we must respect this. This is becoming even more importantly recognised as local authorities across the world are introducing penalties for balloon releases on their property.

The EBPC provides a united front to protect and grow the industry by promoting and facilitating best practices through the coalition of its members across the EU. We look to all members to support our stance in this good cause and encourage promotion of this positive message with respect to the environment.

For further information, please take a look at our website at www.ebpcouncil.eu.

The European Balloon & Party Council