Medlemmene i BAFM forplikter seg til å følge god ballongpraksis.

BAFM er inspirert av den australske foreningen PEBA og de har i sine medlemsforpliktelser skrevet dette:

The Pro Environment Balloon Alliance

Members of PEBA commit to the following:

No Balloon Releases

  1. Although latex balloons are biodegradable, Balloon Releases, by definition, can be classed as littering and any adverse effect on our environment is unacceptable. Members of PEBA do not support, nor will they facilitate the deliberate release of balloons. There are hundreds of ways that balloons can be used to commemorate an event, or celebrate the life of a loved one, without releasing them into the atmosphere. We believe that banning balloon releases enables us to work with a wonderful product that actually has a substantial positive environmental impact on our planet.
  2. To continue to educate clients and the public in the positive environmental side of balloons, their correct use and disposal.
  3. To support BASA’s “pin it and bin it” campaign by educating their clients / venue managers, etc, in the correct disposal of balloons.
  4. Members would also be asked, where possible, to include a link to their website, invoices or email signature to help spread the word.
  5. Members would also be asked to notify PEBA if they become aware of any environmental issue, pertaining to balloons, or are having any difficulties dealing with anyone in regards to environmental issues.

PEBA is committed to:

  1. Free Membership
  2. Working co-operatively with Environmental Groups, Politicians and the Media in presenting an environmentally friendly and balanced view of balloons.
  3. Establishing and maintaining a website where all members’ details will be listed. The website will be consistently updated with all details pertaining to the environment and will be able to be used as a resource for Industry Associations and individual members. Under certain circumstances, it will all so be used as a referral point for Environmental Groups, Politicians and the Media.
  4. Members will electronically receive Membership Certificates, Email Signatures etc and continual updates in regards to all matters environmental.

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