Ballongbransjens interesseorganisasjon i miljøspørsmål.

The Balloon Industry

Our industry is made up of small business owners including Balloon Artists, Twisters, Entertainers and Event Decorators who are valued members of the Arts & Entertainment Industry.

This profession employs thousands of people across the country providing enjoyment and fun to celebrations. ​ The typical balloon business is locally owned and operated by mums and dads of which there are several thousand throughout Australia.

Many of these are located in small and regional towns. Although small, these businesses provide professional decorating and event styling services and the majority operate to a very high industry standard. ​


By engaging Balloon Professionals such as Twister and Decorators, you are supporting small, local businesses. ​ This also assists PEBA to spread the word about the responsible enjoyment of balloons helping to prevent the negative environmental impacts associated with accidental or deliberate balloon releases. ​

The majority of work created by Balloon Artists consists of air-filled, natural latex balloons. If helium is used, professionals comply with industry standards by keeping balloons attached to weights and never releasing balloons into the air.​ ​

By choosing to use Balloon Professionals and Artists who use latex balloons as their medium of expression, you are making an environmentally and economically responsible choice. ​

Displays and installations can be fixed to indoor structures by Balloon Professionals who can remove and dispose of the balloons safely or who will advise venue staff on “Pin it and Bin it” methods to ensure controlled disposal after the event.

Flyers, posters and graphics are available to inform the public about the positive aspects of using latex balloons. ​

Refer to our list of PEBA Members to find a balloon professional in your area.

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